PROAVIO Introduces IP-SAN Storage for Pro Audio and Video Networks

Santa Fe Springs, CA. – December 12, 2006 – PROAVIO, a leading developer of storage solutions for digital media production, announced the release of ULTRASTOR RS8-IP and RS16-IP, the first affordable iSCSI target appliance designed for cross-platform network storage provisioning & centralization. Proavio’s new systems offer studios an easy-to-use, centralized solution designed for implementation in IP-SAN applications such as server & workstation storage consolidation as well as allocating & provisioning local volumes based on available capacity, and running file-sharing networks. By employing the Gigabit-based iSCSI protocol, Proavio has created a powerful, yet easy-to-use target solution that can dramatically reduce the costs associated with adding dedicated local storage to a multi-room facility. Gigabit connectivity means users do not have to make an additional investment in hardware since most facilities will already have the necessary network infrastructure. A web-based UI streamlines the simplicity of the system’s management features, while an embedded RAID controller allows administrators to dial in just the right RAID level for any application.

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