Proavio to Announces High-performance SAS RAID Storage Solutions

Santa Fe Springs, CA – April 07, 2008 – Proavio, U.S.A., a leading developer of storage systems and tools for digital media production, has announced today the release of the company’s next-generation Serial Attached SCSI storage line for uncompressed media and high-resolution post production requirements. With the growing support for PCI-Express SAS host controllers, users can now maximize the bandwidth potential of a standard desktop computer far beyond the capabilities of typical Fibre Channel-based solutions. Based on Proavio’s award-winning RAID technology, the new RS16SS SAS solution can deliver over 800MB/s in RAID-0 mode, and over 650MB/s when configured in RAID-5 protection mode. Apart from performance benefits, a dedicated SAS expansion port allows the array to grow from a sixteen disk base system up to a 64 terabyte storage solution without any degradation in performance.


"Our new serial technology empowers users with the capability to achieve the highest level of performance with minimal effort or investment” said Zin Huynh, Technical Services Manager for Proavio. “The biggest obstacle we see at the moment is lack of education on the advantages of using new serial technologies, especially within the post production community-as desktop workstations get faster and cinema resolutions become more prominent, users have a better choice now when it comes to storage options for post and visual effects creation”.




RS16SS base systems and RS16JS expansion arrays will carry a standard 3-year warranty with optional on-site warranty programs available. RS16SS and RS16JS are compatible with Mac OS and Windows operating systems.

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