EB8MS Storage Receives MacWorld Magazine's 5-Mice Rating!

High Performance Storage - Not so much about space, but about time
Sometimes it's not so much a matter of storage space, but how quickly you can fill the space with data. This particularly the case with video editing. You still need lots of space but more importantly you need to be able to get the video on and off the drive at a high speed. Just in case you thought all SATA controllers are the same, our tests proved that the HighPoint RocketRAID 3522 included with the Proavio EB8MS is in a different league. The Proavio/HighPoint combination whipped all the other drives to a virtual standstill in comparison, beating the next best drive by a factor of six in RAID-5 configuration. In fact, the Proavio running in RAID-0 mode was still three times as fast as the next fastest RAID-5 drive. The performance king in this line-up was the Proavio EB8MS 8-bay tower. This impressive box isn't exactly portable, expect in a road case of the type favored by musicians and film crew, but certainly performs when teamed with the HighPoint RocketRAID 3522 controller.


Once setup, this combination can move data at speeds up to 650MB/s, which is over nine times faster than the Mac's internal disks can manage. For video editing of large projects this drive and controller combination is far and a way better value than Apple's offering of a SCSI RAID controller and four 300GB internal drives. That will set you back $4700 and provide 1.2TB of storage operating at 250MB/s. The Proavio EB8MS gives you more than double the storage, more than double the throughput and costs under $4000. You just need the extra room alongside your MacPro to park the eight-bay mini-tower. Unless your real estate costs are very high, this one is what they call a no-brainer.


- Ian Yates, Australian MacWorld Magazine.


Originally Printed in Australian MacWorld, June 08, 2008. Courtesy of Niche Media Pty Ltd.

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