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Imagica Completes Mexico’s First 3D Feature

Mexico's Top Animation and VFX Studio Uses Proavio EB800MS Desktop Storage Arrays to Produce the Country's First 3D Animated Feature

As film studios move to actively bring 3D movies to the forefront of the cinematic experience, the demand for stereoscopic features is making its presence felt throughout the entire film industry and across the globe. Imagica, Mexico's first 3D animation studio answered the call and delivered the country's first 3D animated feature "El Gran Milagro" (The Greatest Miracle). "El Gran Milagro" was released internationally to praise from audiences and critics alike – winning the Hollywood Music in Media Award for "Best Indie Score of 2011".


To produce a full-length animated 3D feature, Imagica needed a reliable storage solution that was capable of storing a large amount of media and operate as the primary storage array for the team's animators, VFX artists and editors. "We were looking for a system that was capable of handling our entire production workflow from 2D/3D animation and visual effects to final editing. After reading a product review in Mac User magazine, a colleague of mine recommended that I take a look at Proavio.


"I read several more reviews and articles on Proavio storage products before making the decision to purchase their EB800MS solution" says Gregorio Núñez, director and co-founder of Imagica. "The EB800MS was the perfect solution for our facility and gave us a level of creative freedom that we were not expecting. The system played a very important role in the production and completion of El Milagro" notes Gregorio Núñez. "The EB800MS is a reliable, cost-effective system that we use in our studio on a daily basis".


About Imagica
Imagica was founded in 1990 by partners Alberto Binetti, Patricia García Peña, and Gregorio Núñez. Imagica is Mexico's first animation studio specializing in animation, VFX and motion graphics for television, commercials and feature films. Imagica currently provides creative services in Mexico, North America, Europe, Chile and Spain. To learn more about Imagica, go to www.imagica.com.mx





Fields of Fuel Wins Big at Sundance 2008

Proavio would like to congratulate Fields of Fuel for winning the Audience Award at the Sundance 2008

Winning the Audience Award for environmental documentary at the Sundance Film Festival, Fields of Fuel, turned out to be a huge hit with audiences. Directed by environmental activist Josh Tickell, Fields of Fuel is a film about biodiesel, a fuel made from vegetable oil such as corn or soybeans but can also be made from agricultural product like grass and algae. America is engulfed in an oil war, the environment is being destroyed and gas prices have gone through the roof. The main focus in this movie is that it explores the different possibilities for our gasoline crisis, primarily focusing on “bio-diesel”.


While shooting Fields of Fuel, the director and cameraman James Mulryan used several 16Gb P2 storage cards and then downloaded the files to Proavio’s Studiorack S4 portable storage array as the shoot when along. The Studiorack S4 proved to be a critical component for Field of Fuel’s P2 HD workflow. With capacity limited to 16GB of storage, P2 workflows require a more permanent, solid & secure storage solution that offers high reliability and necessary speed to copy or backup P2 HD media on location.


“I believe there will be a huge market for large portable storage in the near future,” said director James Mulryan. The Studiorack S4 helped the director store the raw P2 media and backup content all within his backpack. Currently, James Mulryan uses two terabytes of hard drive space within the Studiorack S4 set up in RAID 5 for added security and support.


“You are now allowed to take everything from desktop to a real travel possibility,” states director James Mulryan.“I believe there will be a huge market for large portable storage in the near future,” said director James Mulryan. The Studiorack S4 provides the director, ability to store his raw feeds and two digital backup content all within his backpack. Currently, James Mulryan uses two terabytes of hard drive space with the Studiorack S4 in RAID 5 set up for added security and support.
“You are now able to take everything from desktop to a real mobile solution,” states director James Mulryan.

Fields of Fuel has been chosen for the 2008 Sundance Film Festival with a follow up of a theatrical release throughout the United States.


By by William Wheeler - Highdef Magazine



Award-winning DJ, Riddler Creates Chart-topping Hits

Dance Music Titan, DJ Riddler has Done it All – Record, Mix & Produce Without Missing a Beat

What do you get when you release Ultra Records’ latest mix compilation, spin every weeknight on Houston’s KKHH HOT 95.7 and weekend nights on New York’s 103.5 WKTU, as well as work national syndicated shows the Remix Top 40 and the Weekend Throwdown? You get notable award winner DJ Riddler. Now what do you get when paired with PROAVIO’s™ S4FR storage system? Steady & reliable AV data that can be accessed for recording compilations in the studio or spinning dance music on the fly for avid listeners.


Recently taking delivery of his mobile RAID-5 storage device, DJ Riddler has already finished a project with Livvi Frank from Jive Records, remixed Madcon’s “Beggin” hit song and has done numerous mix-shows on WKTU, KKHH and the Remix Top 40, as well as a music video mix from the Drink Houston club.
“The PROAVIO S4FR has been a great asset to my mixing sessions. I use a lot of videos and music files in live settings, so I get the most out of my array while I’m out on gigs, “ says DJ Riddler. “


DJ Riddler’s roster of accomplishments would take novels to cover but to give a better understanding of his efforts; he has produced & remixed tracks for several major label recording artist including Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Pink, Ciara, Kelly Clarkson and the High School Musical Megamix to name a few. He won “Best Radio Mix DJ” in 2001 and 2003 at the International Dance Music Awards during the Miami Winter Music Conference. He also won “Best CD Compilation” at the same show for his album, Ultra Dance 06. DJ Riddler has released over 17 compilations, numerous singles and a full-length CD selling well over 2 million copies. Also, be on the lookout for his new work with Vertigram Records under the alias “BoothPimps.” “The S4FR has been very useful no matter the applications; Pro Tools, Logic, Final Cut Pro and Serato VSL. The great thing about constantly being on the go is that I have already had the chance to recommend the product to several producers, studios and clubs.”




DJ Irie Drives His Creativity with Studiorack S4FR

Renowned DJ & Philanthropic Entrepreneur Gives Studiorack S4FR Thumbs Up for Performance, Style & Reliability

To say DJ Irie is busy would be a complete understatement for this multi-talented producer/disc jockey. With a never ceasing schedule of domestic & international club gigs, radio shows and charitable events DJ Irie needs to constantly be on his A-game. As the DJ of the most listened to mix shows, “The Drive at 5” and “Saturday Night Thunderstorm,” on Miami’s number one hip-hop station, WEDR 99Jamz, he can rest assure once he fires up his decks with his new PROAVIO™ S4FR storage array, his listeners are guaranteed to enjoy their rush hour drives, as well as, dance the night away.


Dominating any venue and infusing every party with his seemingly infinite energy, DJ Irie has captivated the entire industry. Nominated for a 2007 BET Award and voted 2005’s Best Club DJ by the Miami New Times, Irie's passion, enthusiasm and particularly charming personality sets him apart. Although Miami is his stomping ground, on the national level DJ Irie is impossible to miss. As official DJ to Jamie Foxx and the 2006 NBA World Champion Miami HEAT, his performances include MTV’s Total Request Live, The MTV VMA’s, Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards and the Halftime show at the Orange Bowl for three consecutive years and so much more. DJ Irie knows no boundaries. It is apparent how seriously he takes his work and why he needs state-of-the-art data storage.


“The look and style of the S4FR couldn’t be better! That much storage power in such a sleek and slender rack mount is the perfect fit for my studio application,” says DJ Irie. “The fact that you can set the rack up to operate as four separate drives, as well as have the ‘plug and play’ option
to pop and insert drives instantly is great!”


To give a better idea of how busy DJ Irie is, he has been the NBA’s Miami Heat DJ nine seasons in a row, travels to the Bahamas about 15 times a year to headline clubs and beach parties, and also helps out with The Special Olympics, The United Way and numerous groups benefiting Hurricane Katrina victims.
Although his main masterpieces are done in the studio he also has the freedom to take his saved mixes with him while hitting up all the hottest clubs and events in the US and around the world. “My new tool brings a new level of high-capacity portability to and from the studio.”




NYC's Hottest Producer/Engineer

Matt Testa

Testa and Studiorack S4FR Take on Recording Projects for Heavy Hitter Artists Sean”Diddy” Combs, Pharrell Williams,  T-Pain and Rodney Jerkins

Known as one of New York City’s finest Recording/Mix Engineers in the industry, Matthew Testa boasts a roster that involves some of music’s elite, such as Grammy super star Sean “Diddy” Combs, Owner of Bad Bay Entertainment, Producer/Artist Mario Winan and Rapper Jay-Z. And since he works with these top-of-the-line artists, he demands top-of-the-line recording tools, such as his newly acquired S4FR Storage Array from PROAVIO™. Over the years Testa has contributed to three ®Grammy nominated albums, along with over four million album unit sales. Also, in late 2007, Testa began working with Bad Boy Records’ newest acts Day 26, Danity Kane, and Donnie Klang also stars of the hit MTV television show “Making The Band” continued to fine-tune his craft by working with artists such as Swiss Beats and Ashanti.


Even most recently Testa secured numerous recording sessions with artists such as T-Pain, Rodney Jerkins, and Pharrell Williams while using his PROAVIO S4FR. As a Recording/Mix Engineer, he deals with countless factors to make the perfect-sounding record, which means he needs speed, replacement and capacity. No matter the application, Testa says the S4FR plays a prominent role in his production process. “Just by initially looking at the aesthetics you can tell PROAVIO sets itself apart from its competitors. The S4FR has played an essential part of my recordings lately because of its speed, memory and most importantly, its silent operation. I can even track vocals in the same room while the S4FR is running and it works perfectly with my Pro Tools HD Setup - basically it makes my job easier” said Testa. “I definitely have my eye on the S4UF, because of its removable hard drives, which come in handy.”




Grammy Winning Mixer/Producer Neal H. Pogue

Pogue Sets Sights on Another "Album of the Year" with Help of His State-of-the-Art Tracking Tool

With a Grammy Award for “Album of the Year” under his belt for Outkast’s “SpeakerBoxxx/The Love Below” album, Mixer/Producer Neal H. Pogue of Fulton Yard Unlimited, LLC knows the importance of secured data information. Recently acquiring the S4FR storage array from PROAVIO™, Pogue is now unstoppable knowing his music data is safe. Having worked with the some of the music industry’s most influential artists, such as Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, Franz Ferdinand, Queen Latifah, TLC, Talib Kweli and the Transplants, he has seen the trials and tribulations of faulty data storage over the years.

No longer is he concerned by these problems thanks to the S4FR and can focus more on the art of recording itself. “Off the bat what sold me was the S4FR’s drive repair feature – knowing that I don’t have to worry about losing files is a beautiful thing,” said Pogue, as well as, “I finally have a unit where I can access my files from one drive and know that it will repair itself if something goes wrong.” To give you an even better idea on the caliber of his current work, last year he mixed N.E.R.D.’s album “Seeing Sounds,” mixed pieces from Busta Rhymes’ upcoming release “Back on My B.S.” as well as Common’s “Universal Mind Control.”

Pogue has also worked with some breakout artists such as Gym Class Heroes and Chester French. Since he received his RAID-5 Storage Array, he has already put it to use on some of Michael Bolton’s recent mixes and has also recommended it to production duo, Cool & Dre. Pogue continues to push the envelope with his recent work for artists Mama’s Moonshine and Cherokee - coming to a pair of speakers near you.