General Questions

  • Can I install this system (EB4FR) with just three disks and do they have to be exactly the same size?
  • What happens when I lose more than 1 drive in a RAID 5 configuration? Is there any chance of saving the existing content of the RAID?
  • How do I mount my RAID?
  • Where can I find compatible drives?
  • Not seeing your question? Please send Support an email!
  • Does the EB400CR require a port multiplier eSATA connection?
  • What is the fastest way to get an RMA?
  • My device is reporting a failed drive, what are the next steps I should take?
  • What is the proper shutdown method?
  • Why do I lose my total capacity when I create a RAID?
  • Why does my xTB drive show up less then what it is supposed to be?
  • I think my power supply might be failing, what do I do?
  • What are recoverable read errors?
  • What are unrecoverable read errors?
  • Where can I store my device?
  • When the device is plugged in my computer runs slower and tends to stall more, what is causing this?